Maybe Skip the PowerPoint. Instead, Do What Will Get You to Done Faster.

How necessary is a Power Point?

That question is worth asking again.

How necessary, really, is a Power Point?

What if you weren’t allowed to Power Point at all? Which might help you in realizing that you didn’t need those slides in the first place to do what you need to do, or even want to do.

If the goal is to give a presentation, then one could see why a slide deck is necessary. But if the goal is to create a change, to get work done, to build and test and validate and then iterate and improve and launch again, then a Power Point might be beside the point.

In terms of teaching, it might help. In terms of persuading, showing, and reporting, it could be effective.

But what is the real goal?

The real goal, the outcome we seek, we could connect the source directly to the result.

You might want to consider skipping the Power Point, or at least not starting there. Definitely don’t believe that the Power Point is the point, that it will take care of doing the actual work itself. It’s unlikely.

Instead, start with by defining the core intention, the driving force. Then create a tool. Maybe this is a goal-setting template or a worksheet to capture and record all potential ideas for exploration. Or it could be a questionnaire to help determine personalized direction or a table to help map out a plan with a supplementary checklist with a recommended sequence for what to do first, second, third, fourth, and next until done.

The Power Point could be nice. It would help polish or be a neat package for an idea. But in the end, you’ll probably still have to get to work. And if I could choose between having Power Point slides or an effective tool that makes getting the work done more easily while enhancing the quality of the work, I know which one I would pick.

But what about you?



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