Ways of Working Better to Make Better Work

If what you are working on makes you unhappy, it might be worthwhile to find better work. Some might call this finding work that makes them happy.

But what if instead of finding work that makes you happy, you get better at your work?

What if you improved the organization of your files and folder to make your work flow smoother?

Or what if you pursued your work with a much clearer focus based on a well thought out hierarchy of priorities?

Perhaps you can eliminate or remove inessential steps and extraneous components to simplify a process?

You don’t even have to apply all three ways at once. You could just start with one, and then once that’s done you could move onto the next one.

Would work not be more enjoyable if it were more organized, clearer, and simpler? Instead of trying to find work that makes you happy, you could trying to find a way of working that does.

Work may not be optional, but how you work could be a choice.



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Jason Lam

Jason Lam

Head of Admissions Consulting | Point Avenue