What Else Besides Views, Likes, Claps, Hearts, and Followers

So much marketing and writing advice out there is about how to benefit yourself.

How to get more views.

How to write articles people will want to read.

How to make Y amount of money in X many days.

So many of those headlines are self-focused — tactic, tips, and tricks to improve our own lives, to benefit our own wants, needs, and aims. They speak to and attract the many people who would like to move themselves from where they are to where they would like to be.

Here are some headlines we don’t see as often.

How to create change.

How to write articles that will improve people’s lives.

How to make other people happier and more successful.

The funny thing is that the tools and instruments don’t change. Because ultimately, it comes back to the craftsman. It’s not what we wield that defines us as artists, professionals, and creators, but rather what we hope to yield.

Is it about profits and cash?

Or is it about purpose and courage?

In the end, serving others may still benefit us after all. You’ll see it advised in so much content about how to create better content. Value. Add value. Give value. Provide value. The thinking behind that is better content leads to better for us.

We can choose another type of “better content” though. Content that betters others. Because once you have the attention, power, and money, what then? What is it all for?



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Jason Lam

Jason Lam

Head of Admissions Consulting | Point Avenue