“What if inspiration was a decision?”

You can wait until you feel inspired to do the work that matters to you.

Or you can choose to be inspired. You can choose to see a situation and search for the opportunity and the possibility, to firmly believe it exists, and commit to the process of figuring out what it is.

Whether the former or latter is true is debatable. But the truth, to me, is that the latter is decidable. It might require more responsibility and ownership to be disciplined and to admit and acknowledge when we are not. But it’s also the more hopeful narrative to believe in.

When you need to wait for inspiration, you are dependent on phenomena that you can’t control.

But when you can become inspired upon decision, you are in control of the process for creating possibilities towards progress in your life. This is true for your writing, for starting a new cooking habit, for maintaining an exercise habit, or for learning a new language.

When you view inspiration as a decision, then any moment becomes an opportunity to work on what matters to you, to create the life you want for yourself and others, whether it be a creatively fulfilling one, a financially rewarding one, or one of adventurous curiosity, deep interest, and intriguing possibility.

If you believe it, opportunities, possibility, and progress become available to you, whenever you want it to. So the only question that remains is, “When do you want to be inspired?”

I only write when I am inspired. Fortunately I am inspired at 9 o’clock every morning.
— William Faulkner



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Jason Lam

Jason Lam

Head of Admissions Consulting | Point Avenue