What Will You Do About How You Feel?

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Messing up on winning over one sales lead might make you feel bad, disappointed about what you could have done better. Two might start to cause some stress. And three? Three could be your confidence dropping to its knees, crouched over as it tries to find the strength to look up at the sky and ask, “Why?”

Disappointed, stressed, dwindling confidence, increasing concern, slowly swelling panic.

But once you’re done feeling the feeling, examining it for the lesson to extract and then extracting it, then what? What’s the next action? What do we do to move forward, to not end back at square one but hopefully collect $200 and pass GO?

Commit to improving, to practicing, to approaching each obstacle with the attitude to overturning them into opportunities, to being a student and studying so as to discover where you are deficient, to getting back in the arena again and again whether it’s victory or defeat. These are decisions that can be made, directions we can head in.

We have the choice to siphon the wisdom from “should have” and “could have to” and steer it towards “will do.” Whenever you’re ready.




Head of Admissions Consulting | Point Avenue

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Jason Lam

Jason Lam

Head of Admissions Consulting | Point Avenue

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