Who Might Not Want to Work With Us, and Who Might

Of all the admissions consulting firms that exist in the world, a student and their family might be wondering, “why would we choose to work with your team?”

You might not want to work with us if…

You are looking to purchase a position/title of an organization or project so you can take credit for all the work without having to complete any of it.

You are searching for someone to write your entire application for you without you even knowing what is entered on it — not your activities, not your awards, not even your personal statement, which will not be personal to you nor something you stated.

You do not want to be challenged with goals outside your comfort zone, to stretch your limits, and to learn new skills and knowledge that might be difficult to master and acquire (not that you lack potential, but just because you’re scared of failure).

You are more interested in buying a result without having to earn it through courage, creativity, sacrifice, diligence, industriousness, focus, or commitment — kind of like purchasing a T-shirt with six-pack abs printed on it to cover a round tummy.

We’re not for everyone. So who are we for then?

Well, you might want to work with us if…

You care about learning who you are, your identity, your values, and your interests.

You seek to test your fortitude and resolve, your courage in taking risks, and attempting projects that might not work but that could be well worth the effort if you had the chance to make an impact, to make the lives of others better.

You are searching for a community of peers who are also interested in creating real positive and productive change in themselves and their local community. Yes, they exist. They are our current students, and as a team we care about helping our students in ways they not only want, but maybe need.

You wish to enroll in a process where the aim isn’t to gain admission into famous, high-ranking, prestigious colleges that are widely coveted brand names by any means necessary (including lying and cheating). Instead, you seek and endeavor to become the type of individual who doesn’t need to gain admission into such institutions in order to succeed later in life.

You wish to become someone who is self-sufficient, who can solve problems by being resourceful and creative and overcome obstacles no matter how oversized they might seem.

Again. We’re not for everyone.

But we might be for you because you seek a community who truly wants to be there for you when you endeavor and fail for real. Because those are the moments when we will also be there to actually help you pick yourself back up, to aid you in finding your footing again, and taking steps towards the success you were always capable of achieving. To achieve your success, you just needed to be pushed, to give yourself as many chances as it takes, and to trust in yourself.

The Choice Available to You

It might feel like the world is so competitive that you absolutely have to lie and cheat just to get ahead. But that’s a belief, and it’s also a choice.

There’s another choice too though.

We have the option to build a life with a firm foundation in reality, genuine results, and authentic achievement. A life built by not just trusting in yourself, but also one that is trusted by others because you show up to do the hard work and to labor emotionally to help yourself and help others.

If you wish to choose the latter choice, please contact us.

We would love to work with you.



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